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Maintenance & Upgrades

Did you know you can now store your energy?

Maintenance & Upgrades

A solar system requires no on-going maintenance, the latest solar panels now come as standard with self-cleaning glass meaning rain water and the angle of the panels will keep the surface free from debris.

You can help to keep your solar system working to its full potential by making sure trees do not grow tall enough to cast shade onto the panels.

All of our panels have a performance guarantee for 25 years. This means that if any of your panels start to produce less electricity for example, the panels are replaced. This guarantee is provided by the manufacturer, and full details and terms are of course provided to our customers on purchase.

Should you find yourself in a position where you encounter a problem with your existing solar system and the company that installed it are no longer in business, please call a member of the team for further details.  Our installation teams have worked with a wide variety of manufacturers and products, so we can offer you the right help and technical advice.

We only install solar panels from leading manufacturers, ensuring that guarantees are strong.

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